Student projects

Several research projects are currently available at ALD Research Group:

  • Atmospheric plasma enhanced spatial atomic layer deposition of functional nanocoatings.

  • Atomic layer deposition of functional nanocoatings for solid-state Lithium batteries.

  • Atomic and molecular layer deposition for pharmaceuticals.

  • Advanced catalysts for fuel cells by atmospheric-pressure atomic layer deposition.

  • Atomic layer deposition for enhancing stability and performance of Li-ion battery cathode powders.

  • Atomic layer deposition of nitride-based thin films for optical and plasmonic applications.

Highly-motivated undergraduate students interested in our research are cordially welcome to join our group through internship, final-year projects, etc. Students with background in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science or other related fields, please email Dr. Hao Van Bui ( or Dr. Viet Huong Nguyen ( to explore the exciting opportunities.