4 PhD student positions are available at ALD Research Group (Updated on 29th August 2022)

Project 1: Atmospheric plasma enhanced spatial atomic layer deposition of functional nanocoatings (PI: Dr. Viet Huong Nguyen)

Project 2: Atomic layer deposition of functional nanocoatings for solid-state Lithium batteries (PI: Dr. Viet Huong Nguyen)

Link to Job Description of Project 1 and Project 2

If you are interested in joining our these projects, please send your application materials directly to Dr. Viet Huong Nguyen ( The positions are open until filled.

Project 3: Atomic and Molecular Layer Deposition for Pharmaceuticals (PI: Dr. Hao Van Bui) (Position filled)

Project 4: Advanced Catalysts for Fuel Cells by Atmospheric-Pressure Atomic Layer Deposition (PI: Dr. Hao Van Bui)

Conventional fuel cells commonly use carbon black as the support for Pt nanoparticle catalysts. This combination exploits the high specific area of the carbon and the high catalytic activity of Pt. However, the high cost of Pt is a major concern of industrial manufacturing. Therefore, it is important to maximize the use efficiency of the noble metal. One of the efficient ways to achieve high-efficiency Pt catalysts is downsizing the Pt to the few-nanometer range, or even smaller, i.e., sub-nanometer and single atoms.

The main goal of this project is to develop controllable processes for the fabrication of high-efficiency and cost-effective catalysts at a large scale for fuel cells by atmospheric-pressure atomic layer deposition (ALD), which is performed using fluidized bed reactors (FBRs), a special reactor type for ALD on powder-based materials. We will deposit Pt nanoparticles in a highly controlled manner on various carbon supports, including Vulcan carbon, graphene nanoplatelets and carbon nanotubes, and further explore the possibility of reducing the Pt content in the catalysts by creating alloys of Pt and a less expensive metal, such as Ni, Co and Mn.

As a PhD student, you will be responsible for designing and performing experiments on the synthesis and characterizations of the catalysts using the facilities in-house at Phenikaa University and our collaborators such as XRD, ICP-OES, MS, SEM, UV-VIS, FTIR, TGA… under the supervision of Dr. Hao Van Bui. You will be also in charge of investigating the (photo)electrochemical properties and evaluating the performance of the synthesized catalysts as electrode materials for fuel cells. For this part of the project, you will be working under the supervision of Dr. Manh Tu Le of the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Phenikaa University. Furthermore, you will be involved in supervising master and bachelor students in performing experiments in the labs.


We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with excellent academic skills. A Master's degree in Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, or Chemical Engineering is required. Hands on experiences in thin film deposition (CVD, ALD) and materials characterization (especially XRD, ICP-OES and Mass spectrometry), (photo)electrochemistry, fabrication and characterization of fuel cells and other energy conversion and storage devices are highly desirable. Good written and oral communication skills in English (IELTS 5.0, TOEFL 65 or TOIC 650) are required.


  • A fulltime position for three years, with a qualifier in the first year.

  • A monthly gross salary of 10.000.000 VND in the first year, which may increase to 14.000.000 VND in the third year depending on your performance.

  • Fully covered tuition fees and research costs (e.g., materials, chemicals, and material characterization costs).

  • A dynamic ecosystem with an enthusiastic team in a stimulating scientific environment.


Please send your application to Dr. Hao Van Bui ( and Dr. Manh Tu Le ( by 31st August 2022. Applications should include a specific motivation letter and a detailed CV. The project is ready to start.

For more information, please refer to ALD Research Group website: